Bernadette Schweihoff is a Berlin based comic artist and illustrator. She studied design in Vienna, art pedagogy at the University of Passau, painting in New York City and illustration in Berlin. Bernadette is inspired by emotions, feelings, interpersonal relationships and her travels to Siberia/Russia. She loves to tell stories. Her aim is to provoke and open minds with her pencil strokes. Specialized in comics and editorial illustration, she is currently working on a travel Graphic Novel. Bernadette Schweihoff is open for workshops, commissions, and collaborative projects: Reach her here

CLIENTS: FREISTIL//Erika Lust//JAJA-Verlag// Boesner// Tipp-it-Festival // go2know// Banausen// 

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Kompendium Comic-Mate



Buch: Graphische Reiseerzählung über eine Sibirienreise im Winter - Comic in the making. 

Female Pleasure

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