Thank you for your interest in Bernadette Schweihoff's art, and welcome to our online gallery!  We’ve designed this store to make purchasing an original artwork by Bernadette Schweihoff as simple as possible. Our main concerns are the privacy and security of any transaction and the safe transfer of the artwork from the studio to you. We’re constantly aiming to improve the store. Below you can find answers to questions we regularly receive from collectors:


Who runs the store?

You are purchasing artwork directly from Bernadette Schweihoff's studio in Berlin. 


What kind of artworks can I buy?

Every item in this store is an original artwork by Bernadette Schweihoff.


Collage and Drawings

Each drawing is a singular piece of art, created and signed by Bernadette Schweihoff. Prints are limited.



You will receive an order confirmation via email after you‘ve placed your order.



We aim to ship all orders within 3 business days. Delivery times vary based on your location.


Shipping costs and customs duties

All artworks are shipped directly from the studio in Berlin, Germany. Shipping costs are being individually calculated at checkout. 

We comply with all tax and customs regulations. For international orders, we will include all the required paperwork (shipping invoices and a statement which proofs the originality of the work for a duty free entry into non-EU countries). In most cases this is sufficient to avoid customs fees. Some countries charge an import V.A.T. or sales tax.


The buyer is responsible for any incurring customs fees, VAT or sales taxes.


Payment & invoice

We accept credit card, advance payment. However, if you require a different payment option, please send us an email and we will gladly find an alternative option.

You will receive a printed invoice with your shipment.



We want you to be 100% happy and excited about your artwork. Should you not be fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return the artwork within 2 weeks after you received the shipment. We will issue a full refund once the artwork is back in the studio undamaged. We will deduct the shipping cost from the refund.


How do I recognize an original artwork of Bernadette Schweihoff?

Each artwork is signed.


Color accuracy of images show in the online gallery

The images you see in the store represent the original as closely as possible. Since natural pigments and paper can’t be accurately reproduced digitally, the original artwork may look slightly different from the digital preview. (The most common feedback we receive from collectors, are that the original art they receive feels richer and more nuanced that the digital preview suggests).


How is my artwork packed?

Each artwork is individually and securely packed with several protective layers. Large format prints are packed in sturdy cardboard tubes, small prints and drawings are shipped flat, protected by very strong cardboard covers.


What about copyright of an image?

With the purchase of an art piece, you become the owner of the physical art piece. The copyright remains with Bernadette Schweihoff. You may not reproduce the image without written consent of Bernadette Schweihoff.



Since safe shipping of glass frames is expensive, we only offer unframed work. In Addition there is to mention that it is better to decide the framing at the new place of the artwork. If there are any question, we do have collectors that sended us pictures of the artworks with different frames and we decided it together. Do not hesitate to write us.